digital Device Lifecycle Management

An emerging digital-first differentiator for telcos

The dDLM platform provides a new way for telcos to deliver an effective customer experience by putting the power of digital-first technology into the hands of the users.

A seamless journey that solves customer and operator's needs in

Today we are able to build a customer journey that starts on the customer’s device and can be completed either there or through the avenue of their choice.

The digital Device Lifecycle Management (dDLM) platform provides a light weight full stack IT approach that allows telcos to sprinkle the platform services into their existing architecture like Legos and accelerate value creation from existing IT solutions.

Delivering Sophisticated Remote Intelligence

MCE brings intelligence to the customer specifically in regards to device diagnostics, which makes it possible for the customer to activate an effective self-service resolution from the comfort of their home.

Engaging Omnichannel Connectivity

Complete channel connectivity helps customers who need repairs to go to the right store thanks to the ability to match the repair requirement with the store’s scope and parts availability, which the MCE platform enables in real-time.

Empowering Device History Tracking

We provide device history tracking through a dedicated business intelligence module which allows consumers to start a trade-in on the app, call the call center to clarify open questions without having to repeat the process, and then go to a store and submit the device as part of an upgrade process.

The Magic Cube

Level 1

A single function

A single functionality (e.g., diagnostics, wipe, flashing).

Functional solution of a specific problem.

The Magic Cube

Level 2

A single business program touchpoint

A single touchpoint of a single business program, i.e., customer journey (e.g., trade-in).

Set of completed journeys across multiple channels with a consistent experience.

The Magic Cube

Level 3

A single, multi-channel journey

A single & consistent customer journey across multiple channels (e.g., trade-in in-store & on-device) enhancing the digital experience.

Completed customer journey across multiple channels with a consistent experience

The Magic Cube

Level 4

Multiple journeys across multiple touchpoints

Multiple consistent customer journeys across multiple channels (e.g., trade-In & Onboarding processes in-store and on-device) creating a unique digital experience.

Integrated customer journeys with real-time start stop resume across all channels with full history awareness to simplify service.

The Magic Cube

Level 5

The Magic Cube

MCE powers a digital-first & omni-channel enabled CX. Benefits include a consistent user interface & history awareness (start-pause-resume with zero friction). All business programs are available across all touchpoints.

Cross-channel integrated customer journeys with real-time start-stop-resume across all channel with session history awareness to simplify service.

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