Device Lifecycle Management

Mobilizing device lifecycles to keep pace with mobile customers’ lives

Build compelling, connected device journeys that enhance the entire lifecycle (beyond the scope of typical single-point solutions) from activation to upgrade, to create lasting impressions.

Establish yourself as the relationship owner

Today, mobile devices play a role in nearly every aspect of customers’ lives. If you want to build more enduring ties with customers, you need to take care of their devices first.

Great device lifecycle management creates stickier relationships - it’s the glue that connects operators and their customers. To get closer to their customers, operators need to leverage each service interaction to create lasting impressions.

Turn device headaches into competitive advantages

Managing device lifecycles well can be hard, but for operators it’s essential. Fortunately, when you do it right, it’s a win win for both you and your consumer. Like repair alternatives for customers, that lead to upsell opportunities for operators. Like faster trade-ins for them, that increase operating efficiencies for you. Or data-powered recommendations that help consumers to self-serve, and make it easier on your frontline staff? We could go on, but you get the idea – happy customers, make for higher NPS, and better business prospects.

We solve tough device lifecycle challenges, so you don’t have to

We simplify the complexity of legacy tech stacks to extract more value. Our low-stack IT platform, with easy configuration, allows you to build customized device-related journeys to meet your own service objectives. We remove friction and frustration through technology – such as true omnichannel journey enablement with start, pause, and resume anywhere.

Bringing your device lifecycle propositions onto a single ecosystem means seamless end-to-end device journeys that capture maximum value at every stage throughout the service lifecycle.

We solve tough device lifecycle challenges, so you don’t have to

We’re not traders, insurers or logistics providers – we’re device lifecycle management experts. It’s why we partner with companies in every area of the industry – sometimes even our competitors. We recognize that partnerships extend your capabilities and create more value for your consumers.

We know how to partner

We know how to connect our pioneering solutions with your systems and integrate them with any of your partners – faster, more efficiently and effectively than anyone else, to create maximum business impact.

MCE’s industry-leading solution

We deliver game-changing experiences, built on a number of proprietary and differentiating technologies.


Our E2E connected lifecycle journey management approach drives unrivaled significant synergies


Our true omnichannel delivery is interconnected and integrated into your systems so everything works together


Our approach is low stack IT and easily configurable. Your IT teams will love us.

Journeys that make a difference

Our device lifecycle management platform gives complete control
over device-related onboarding, service, and upgrade journeys

  • Setup made easy

    Set up devices and customers for success, including BYOD. From secure content transfer faster than anyone in the industry, to targeted lifecycle promotions, to efficient diagnostic and device care – because retention beats churn.

    • Automated device asset capture
    • BYOD network eligibility & fraud prevention
    • Fastest cross OS content transfer
    • Zeroing of data liability with certified wipe
    • Increase Insurance and VAS take rates

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  • Service & care, not repair

    From frustration to resolution, fast! Build the foundation to turn moments of device care into moments of commerce. Reduce frontline workload and streamline care CX.

    • Device history awareness to avoid rework
    • >160 available diagnostics tests
    • Near zeroing of NFF
    • Omnichannel self-service availability

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  • 2-minute Trade-ins

    Effortless and transparent, omnichannel trade-ins empower your customers, grow loyalty, and decrease waste, so you stand out, and everybody wins.

    • <90 secs AI-led self-served Trade-in journey
    • Technology enabled guaranteed price with <5% discrepancy
    • Omnichannel – start at home, resume instore

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No one understands the industry better

From our 16+ years of experience we recognize that the best solutions start with a superior understanding of industry technology and consumer attitudes, experiences and needs.

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