Activate phones more securely and swiftly while owning the CX

Everything begins with the right onboarding

Activation, i.e., the onboarding of the device, is a key moment for you and your customers, as it’s the first stop on every device lifecycle journey. Activation not only prepares the device for the whole of its lifecycle, but it also helps you shape your customers’ first impressions of the brand. Because positive impressions start with positive experiences, you need a state-of-the-art solution that streamlines the entire experience, effortlessly logging the device, quickly transferring user content, wiping the old device securely, and providing suggestions for insurance and value-added services while onboarding.

Our workflows optimize CX, guide upsell opportunities, and help you own the customer relationship, to drive repeat engagement and reduce churn. And because speed to impact matters too, we’ve built it all with telco-grade security, privacy and friction-free IT, for fast and effortless implementation.

Business impact

Transform device activation into value creation

Activation isn’t an obligation, it’s an opportunity to create more rewarding experiences for customers that generate more business value for you. We make activation faster and more secure, to drive higher satisfaction and greater loyalty. Our approach increases upsell opportunities and attach rates, to increase average revenue per unit (ARPU). Since it’s a comprehensive solution with a guided flow, you’ll invest less valuable staff time in training and optimize your ability to upsell your own premium care and cloud packages. And that adds up to activation with a bigger business impact from an OEM-agnostic, one-click activation workflow (with complete oversight over native OEM activation steps, which now sit seamlessly in the background).

Satisfaction starts with peace of mind

Our solution keeps customers’ data safe, secure and private, with no data loss in the transfer or left on the old device, thanks to telco-grade security and enforced wiping and unlocking.

Customers who finish faster keep coming back

Customers value their time, so we help make every minute count. Our solution allows activation and onboarding to be completed in just ~10 minutes, and even complete up to 4 devices in parallel. That gives time back to busy customers as well as to retail reps, who can use it to deliver more one-on-one care. All that care, fulfilled quickly, builds loyalty that lasts.

Add more value, retain more customers

Value-added services like insurance, mobile security or cloud backup let customers protect their investment and stay safe, and they help you add revenue streams. Our ready-to-use workflows ensure you get optimal results for attach, up and cross-sell of insurance and accessories,


Mobilizing Activation

Asset recognition

Automatically capture the device’s unique ID to the most comprehensive database in the industry. With over 17 years of experience, we’ve cataloged practically every device type in the world – ____ profiles to be precise. With the device ID, the system can track and remember every device lifecycle interaction across every touchpoint.

Content transfer

Customers care about privacy, security, and preserving the memories on their devices. Our solution helps them upgrade more smoothly, quickly, and with greater peace of mind. It lets customers securely migrate their data and content to their new devices, using the fastest content transfer tool in the industry (4X faster than competitors). No matter which platform you're migrating to or from, our carbon copy transfer makes sure nothing is lost.

Device wiping and unlocking

Guided workflows allow customers to decouple their accounts from devices. This feature unlocks the old device and wipes data and content from it safely and securely, even for customers who forgot their password. Certified wiping limits legal exposure and reputational damage for operators and gives peace of mind to customers.

Next best actions

An enforceable set of actions along a guided workflow, this feature governs the activation process and enables cross and upsell capabilities in two unique ways:

Activation cross and upsell

We identify the device, to trigger upselling of insurance and VAS, based on the context.

Smart Suggestions over the lifecycle

Based upon MCE’s AI-enabled analytics layer, we suggest and target relevant offers synced to the customer’s device lifecycle, history, and user actions.

True omnichannel

Because customers cannot always complete the activation in one session, our solution gives them the freedom to start, pause and resume activation whenever and wherever they want – from online to in-store, without having to repeat steps. This true omnichannel capability is supported by a common data layer that extends across every touchpoint, recording and remembering each device’s unique lifecycle history.