From activation to upgrade, provide the same level of service for BYOD devices

Their device, your network, our powerful activation features

Customers want flexibility. Sometimes that means acquiring their mobile devices from other sources or bringing their existing device to another operator. That shouldn’t prevent you from welcoming them as a new customer or keeping them happy on your network. With the same powerful features for activating devices purchased from you, our solution streamlines activation for customers who bring their own device. This opens up the same access to lifecycle services, so you can manage it like any other device.


Mobilizing BYOD

Asset recognition

We perform an automated device recognition check to determine the device's suitability for your network. This captures the device’s unique ID, enabling your system to track and remember device lifecycle actions across touchpoints.

Fraud, theft and financing detection

This feature automatically checks that the device was not stolen, blacklisted, or purchased fraudulently, and does not have outstanding finance attached to it.

Next best actions

Within guided workflows, next best actions also identify opportunities to cross and upsell insurance and other VAS offers at activation, as well as deliver smart offers over the course of the lifecycle.

Cross and upsell

This feature performs a diagnostics and cosmetic check to determine the device’s eligibility for insurance and other VAS offers at activation.

Smart Suggestions

Based upon MCE’s AI-enabled analytics layer, this feature suggests and targets relevant offers (i.e., trade in to the latest device) to the customer that are synced to the device’s lifecycle, history, and user actions, over the lifetime of the device.