Optimize policy management and increase the attach rate of insurance and other value-added services

Insurance X/Upsell through next best recommendation

Your customers need and appreciate the insurance you offer – and, administered effectively, you enjoy the strong margins policies can deliver. Attachment of insurance at scale, or later in the lifecycle can present a challenge. Our technology helps you target the right insurance offers at just the right time – without the risk of insuring a device that has hidden issues.

Before you insure the device, ensure your level of exposure

Sometimes you can inspect the device in-person, sometimes you need to bind insurance to a device remotely. MCE’s on-device grading allows you to de-risk insurance for new BYOD devices, or where attachment happens later in the lifecycle – both in-store and remotely. The precision of MCE’s hardware diagnostics and external cosmetic assessment means you can objectively identify eligible devices, letting you attach insurance to them with confidence.

Market-leading CX

Our data layer records each lifecycle action taken on our platform, so your CRM system can personalize insurance recommendations. Combine this deep personalization with self-serve access, real-time device health/status assessment, and claim deflection from issue resolution for perceived issues – and you’ve got CX that lets brands accompany customers every step of the way.

We can increase revenue opportunity, as well as reduce average handling time for insurance calls by 15 – 20%. Because we remove potential claims by eliminating NTF devices from their workflow, agents have even more time to focus on actual repairs.


Mobilizing Insurance

Our services address every phase of the insurance process, from insurance need discovery, to eligibility, to claim validation and assessment

Advanced device recognition

This feature enables stored device information to be automatically retrieved to determine eligibility for insurance or offers, and evaluate claims for repairs including battery and screen.

Hardware diagnostics

Provide an objective evaluation of the device’s internal hardware functioning status, and check the health of the battery with a comprehensive set of tests, including capacity and cycles, charging, consumption and battery info – to determine eligibility and evaluate claims.

Cosmetic evaluation

Perform an objective AI-powered assessment of the device’s external cosmetic condition to help identify preconditions and assign a risk profile for policy eligibility and claim validation. Through object detection, our cosmetic check is not only able to validate the device condition but is the only GDPR-compliant cosmetic check in the market.

Next best actions

Deliver enforceable recommendations to frontline personnel related to insurance cross-sell as well as policy management.

Smart Suggestions

Based upon MCE’s AI-enabled analytics layer, this feature suggests and targets relevant offers (i.e., trade in to the latest device) to the customer that are synced to the device’s lifecycle, history, and user actions, over the lifetime of the device.