Device care that extends the life of the device and creates opportunities

Deliver the device care your customers demand

Customers are keeping their mobile phones longer and using them more intensively, which leads to longer device lifecycles and more old phones with issues. This makes device care an especially important aspect of operators’ service proposition, but it’s not easy meeting the demands of customers – who expect smooth service and timely issue resolution, accessible on their terms. Our solution helps you deliver fast and flexible service that delights rather than disappoints, resulting in higher NPS and lower churn. It enables you to operate more efficiently by deflecting more calls and weeding out more NTF devices, freeing up time for more important issues. And customers will be thankful for avoiding unnecessary repairs.

Enabling care-to-commerce

Our device lifecycle ecosystem lets operators turn device care touchpoints into organic opportunities for upgrade, cross and upsell. Whatever care journey your customers are on, there’s always a commercial opportunity for you to help them.

Empower your staff and customers to solve issues, across multiple channels

Device-related service journeys are becoming more and more complex. Today’s consumer wants efficient service and timely issue resolution, accessible on their terms. Longer handset lifecycles strengthen the need for efficient care programs that deliver a smoother experience with older devices. MCE’s care solutions empower your frontline to diagnose problems more quickly and solve them more effectively the first time:

  • Retail

    Give reps instant access to the device history (initiated at activation via the asset recognition feature), so they don’t keep customers waiting. Guided workflows and hardware diagnostics let them solve problems swiftly, while decreasing the likelihood of insurance claims or unnecessary repairs.

  • Call center

    Enable every agent to easily access the device and troubleshooting history, fix device issues remotely, increase first call resolution (FCR), prevent repeat calls, and avoid transfers to higher-tier, more expensive agents.

  • Mobile app

    For customers, the MCE diagnostics app (available either standalone or through myOperator app integration) helps customers solve issues on their own, so they don’t have to call care, go to a retail store, or even worse, open an unnecessary insurance claim or repair request


Mobilizing device care and diagnostics

Advanced device recognition

Regardless of touchpoint, service history is available, wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Hardware diagnostics

Provide an objective evaluation of the device’s internal hardware functioning status.

Next best actions

Next best actions prompt frontline personnel with contextual recommendations that will either confirm a repair need or provide alternative options to repair via Smart Suggestions.

Smart Suggestions

This feature delivers context-based suggestions to customers on the device, such as a software fix, cloud storage for device memory issues, battery exchange for battery issues, or device upgrades for bigger issues which may be in combination with a trade-in.