Accelerate actual repairs by avoiding unnecessary ones

Keep unneeded repairs away

Sometimes devices don’t work as well as they should be, even though there’s nothing wrong with them. For instance, a non-OEM charger may not work as efficiently as the original one. Newly installed applications may shorten the operation time. Others may be running in the background, draining the battery. It’s not always easy for frontline staff to tell when an issue is due to the device or to an external factor but it’s important that they can. Unnecessary repairs not only waste everyone’s time and money, but they can also result in inaccurate insurance claims – or worse, erode trust, resulting in a lost customer. Leveraging the features and toolset of our device care solution, our ecosystem identifies no trouble found devices (NTF), so your workflow remains free of avoidable issues, and you stay focused on real repairs.

Effortlessly identify trouble-free devices

Discover and deflect devices that don’t require repairs, and remember them for the future

  • Take the trouble out of needless repairs

    We equip your frontline employees and self-serve channels with advanced no trouble found (NTF) deflection capability, allowing everyone to quickly identify NTF devices and avoid unnecessary service transactions (deflecting 30-50% of NTF).

  • Deflect when necessary

    Ready-to-use repair deflection workflows offer alternatives to service including smart fixes such as a software patch or a cloud cross-sell, which can often solve the problem.

  • Avoid repeats

    Rest easy knowing that NTF devices won’t cause repeat issues, thanks to a common data layer that records and remembers prior incidents and their resolutions.


Mobilizing device repair avoidance

Advanced device recognition

We make the service history available, wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Hardware diagnostics

This feature provides an objective evaluation of the device’s internal hardware functioning status.

Next best actions

We prompt frontline personnel with contextual recommendations for alternatives to a repair like trade-in.

Smart Suggestions

We make on-device, context-based, care-to-commerce suggestions such as trade-in, that help the customer avoid a repair. In cases where no trouble is found with the device (NTF) a non-repair fix, or a trade-in will be suggested.