Wherever you operate in the ecosystem, our solutions can help

Draw on our broad suite of device lifecycle management solutions for activation, care, and upgrade, to complement your services

Strengthen your services,
create more value

Increased efficiency, improved customer experience, higher margins and more- device lifecycle management pays off in substantial ways for business that depend on digital service value chains.

Whether you trade or insure devices, whether you process them for re-use or automate the processing, whether you’re trying to streamline the sale, or leverage the data from mobile devices – we can help you capitalize on that potential.

Growing the field through partnerships

In our 17+ years of helping some of the industry’s leading companies optimize mobile device lifecycles, we’ve learned that scale matters. It’s why we partner with companies in every area of the industry – sometimes even our competitors – because we know that partnerships extend partners’ capabilities and create more value for consumers. Working with a broad range of consultants, systems integrators and industry partners, as well as directly with mobile operators, we’ve deployed our solutions in over 18,000 individual locations, across 25 countries.

We solve tough device lifecycle challenges, so you don’t have to

We’re not traders, insurers or logistics providers – we’re device lifecycle management experts, so we don’t compete with you or any of our partners. Instead, we complement your business with our flexible software solutions, built on a broad suite of back-end microservices. With our extensive experience, expert integration and front-end design, you don’t have to be an expert in device lifecycle management to put it to work for you.

Faster implementation, faster impact

You’ve got great technology, but it’s got a job to do – and device lifecycle management has its own unique challenges. Our API and SDK allow for quick and seamless integration with your systems, so development never delays the speed to impact, and device lifecycle management becomes a driver of business, not a drag on it.

We conquer the complexity of connection

We help mobile partners build stronger connections based on a greater exchange of value. That can be difficult, thanks to the proliferation of device profiles, systems and data integrations and channels – but we solve this complexity so you don’t have to.

Want to partner?

We partner with a range of providers across the device ecosystem to help them do more for their customers.

These companies include:

Telco enablers

Including 3PL, 4PL, logistics
providers, traders, and insurers.

Joint solution providers

Including POS, robotics
and data providers

Consultants and integrators

Including management
and IT consultants