Powering digital transformation with device lifecycle technology

At the forefront, behind the scenes

Don’t know us? Chances are that your customers or partners do. That's because many of today’s biggest telco companies use our technology to capture device lifecycle management capabilities and benefits.

Our solutions are deployed today in over 18,000 individual locations, across 25 countries, deployments which are often the product of our work with consultants, systems integrators and industry partners. With 17+ years of telco experience, we know the pain points that customers face when it comes to managing device lifecycles, the obstacles that can slow projects, and how to overcome both. We understand the state of telco technology today, as well as what's possible but not fully yet realized.

Where digital transformation meets device lifecycles

As an advisor to enterprise businesses, you strive to capture the greatest value for your customers, whether it’s measured in CX or margins. Device lifecycle management often plays a part in your digital transformation projects, but to have the highest impact it has to be integrated on a deep level. This is where we can help. Our technology and experience allows us to build end-to-end device lifecycle journeys that deliver seamless experiences for customers and extensive advantages for operators, rather than point solutions that fragment the experience and have limited financial impact.

A modular approach to connected journeys

We’re committed to connection, because device lifecycles don’t happen in one place or in one moment in time. To get the most out of them you need to transform the whole, not just the parts. But we also know that flexibility matters, because every business challenge is different. That’s why we offer unique, cutting-edge microservices that connect across the entire device lifecycle, and let you choose which functionality to integrate, to build virtually any journey. Our device lifecycle management comprises the full end-to-end perspective as well as the channels within:

Build better customer journeys

Our software solutions let you build and support any customer journey in countless ways, including:

Fewer errors, more upsell, less re-work

Enable next best actions and suggestions including promotions as well as technical advice, to be delivered to retail reps and customers. Our powerful compliance engine automates delivery based on the context.

Native omnichannel

Allow customers to start, pause and resume anywhere, anytime – providing dramatically more flexibility and freedom than competitors who confuse multichannel for omnichannel.

Guaranteed trade-in price

Give customers a guaranteed price at trade-in that’s unique in the industry, made possible by AI-based objective grading which achieves 98% accuracy vs industry average of 30%.

State-of-the-art Software Plus business impact insight

Because we’ve learned the difference between good solutions and great ones, we can help you create standout solutions that create more impact for your customers. And because we’ve seen the results, we can share our benchmarks, research, business model rationales and insights to help you justify the business case to your customers:

  • A diagnostics framework / ROI model for margin and NPS drivers along the device lifecycle to increase CLV of postpaid customers
  • Benchmarks for each of the KPIs, which drive margins and NPS
  • Insights on leveraging our technology to driving improvement with both short-term to self-finance change, and longer term

Fast flexible integration

With our superior integration experience and expertise, we help you fast-track integrations. Typically this happens in one of two ways:

Tactical (4-12 weeks): Use MCE out-of the box solutions, such as our standalone app, and leverage easy integration points (e.g., QR code to talk to retails systems, voucher to talk to billing for credits). Full omni-channel capability through virtualization approach and full analytics & device history through a common data layer.

Strategic (6-12 months): Systematic integration into operator-owned apps or systems via SDK or other integrated use of our microservices.

Bigger and faster impact

Building on our powerful solutions and nimble integration approach, we help give you an edge when it comes to execution. So it’s no surprise that when you work with us, you’ll be able to:

  • Deliver impact within 4-12 weeks including defining the Minimum Viable Product
  • Realize quick win successes (see our Tactical approach above) to create more impact in phases, rather than a single lengthy development
  • Respond quicker and agilely to change requests or new requests, because we may already responded to similar requests in the past
  • Avoid development effort through our ready-to-use micro services, which you can use to build customer journeys