Building long-lasting loyalty from exceptional retail CX

Impress customers with more than competitive prices

Consumers are loyal to device brands, but that affection doesn’t always extend to the retailers who sell those devices. Instead, retailers are stuck competing on price, which turns retail CX into a transactional, one-time event. We help you get more of the love and loyalty that goes to mobile device brands, by enabling you to deliver device lifecycle experiences that grow relationships as well as revenues.

Build loyalty from lifecycles

We help you take ownership of device lifecycle processes, so you can transform them into an extension of your brand. Using our software solutions, you can accelerate those processes beyond the capabilities of your current systems, which may rely on operator or OEM solutions. Create service and care experiences that exceed expectations, and you’ll not only differentiate yourself from the market – you’ll also turn NPS into new revenue, by leveraging customer’s loyalty to cross-sell them other product lines.

Journeys don’t have to stop at the store

We help you stay close to your customers, whether they’re in the store, at home or on the go.

Our software solutions – including our mobile app – integrated with your systems, let you transform key device service journeys into connected journeys. From activation and onboarding to trade-in and upgrade, care and repair, upsells, offers and value-added services, the goal is the same – to help you help your customers. And, it will also boost your retail productivity as customers will be able to self-serve both for sales and service transactions.

Make every step matter

We build AI-powered intelligence into guided workflows that support the entire device lifecycle. Your reps get contextual recommendations to ensure they’re delivering the best service regardless of their tenure. Your customers get suggestions and offers relevant to their device history and circumstances – from an option to upgrade rather than replace the battery, to a tip on how to conserve the charge.


Mobilizing retail of the future

Asset recognition

We leverage our extensive experience in mobility to capture the central asset information for virtually any digital device (e.g., wearables, game consoles, smart TVs). Our system remembers and tracks lifecycle activity associated with your assets across every channel and service touchpoint and helps your retail frontline provide more effective support.

Content transfer

Customers care about privacy, security, and preserving the data on their devices. Our solution helps them upgrade more smoothly, quickly (4x faster) and with greater peace of mind. No matter which platform they’re migrating to or from, it enables customers to transfer their data and content to their new devices fast and securely. Your retail frontline saves time too, with the same training for every device, forever.

Data wipe

Our guided workflows allow your retail front line to decouple customers’ accounts from devices. This feature unlocks and wipes data and content from the old device safely and securely. Certified wiping gives you a security promise that helps you stand above the competition, and limits your legal exposure.

Cosmetic grading

For customers who are trading in a device, our AI-powered cosmetic grading checks the device’s external condition for damage.

Next best actions

An enforceable set of actions along a guided flow, next best actions govern the activation process and enable upsell capabilities in two unique ways:

Activation cross and upsell

This feature identifies the device and triggers upselling of insurance and VAS.

Smart Suggestions over the lifecycle

Based upon MCE’s AI-enabled analytics layer, we suggest and target relevant offers to the customer that are synced to the device’s lifecycle, history and user actions, over the lifetime of the device.

A mobile app that makes everyone more productive – immediately

Our “prosumer” mobile app delivers more mobility to customers, and more productivity to retailers. Available as a branded, white label app, or as an SDK to power your existing app, it minimizes customers’ time in the store – letting them self-serve the same device lifecycle services they could get in person.

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