A complete digital-first ecosystem, without the investment

Go to market quicker than the competition, with a best-in-class, out-of-the-box trade-in solution that does not require any upfront investment

Trade-ins with the fastest deployment and impact

Adopt a CAPEX lean approach to Trade-in, with an innovative full-service Trade-in solution that requires no upfront investment.

Trade-in as Service (Tiaas) gives you all the benefits of trade-ins, but as a managed service - with zero risk. It’s a trade-in program with maximum impact and minimum effort.

We drive the volume

We develop and manage trade-in promotions for you, increasing your catch-rate potential, and converting the maximum number of customers to realize higher volumes. Why not divert your OEMs’ MDF to maximize promotion with minimal risk.

We streamline the retail experience

We give you a sleek digital-first retail experience integrated with your systems, including a mobile app with native omnichannel functionality.

We guarantee the price

Our AI objective grading automates and improves the grading process for your reps, or your customers – who can grade their devices at home using the app. With the highest accuracy, our technology gives customers a guaranteed price, eliminating unexpected adjustments to the credit on their bill.

We manage the marketplace

We handle the actual trading and logistics on our multitrader trading marketplace, and take care of shipping and handling so you don’t have to.

No one understands the industry better

From our 16+ years of experience we recognize that the best solutions start with a superior understanding of industry technology and consumer attitudes, experiences and needs.

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