Being a global technology and market leader for mobile device lifecycle solutions means that a lot happens in a year. This is a partial summary.

During 2018, mce acquired a multitude of new clients across the globe, made our existing clients happy (and they chose to expand with new features and solutions), developed new products and won prizes for the teams managing our solutions.

New countries added to the portfolio: Turkey, Germany, Costa-Rica, Chile, Puerto Rico and Israel.

mce Success Map

Some of our achievements:

Logistics Providers

mce re-invented the reverse logistics solution and deployed it globally to existing clients and over a dozen new happy clients across the globe.

The solutions are now quicker than ever with more devices processed simultaneously and translated to over 25% more saving for our clients!

Some details:

Wipe is now 400% faster (and it is still as safe)

Grading is now 150% faster (and it is still as accurate)

Software flashing is now 100% faster

10 new diagnostics tests added

ADR (Advanced Device Recognition) now provides 50% more data (and is faster)

mce introduced a forward logistics solution for Enterprise Device Customization. A great tool to strengthen a carrier’s enterprise team offering and create new revenues from enterprise customers.

mce launched its first End-to-End Logistics integration with a North American customer. Such integration provides our partners and customers full control over the process in the warehouse lines in real time. This is Intelligent Automation at its best, a real data driven decision making adaptive processes, never before seen in the industry.


mce launched on-device trade-in, warranty and mobile care with TELUS as part of a true omni-channel solution. An example of using disruptive technology for digital transformation.

Proven global success of the Retail-Call Center-On Device Omni Channel, digital offering using mce’s device lifecycle framework.

mce updated its content transfer and diagnostics modules to deliver over 200% improvement in speed.

More than 40 new, improved business processes and integrations have been successfully launched with customers. Delivering a real differentiation and value, clear and quick ROI.


mce introduced Mobix, its low-cost high-value SAAS solution for small and medium retailers.

mce technology and implementation won a prestigious prize for Dixons Carphone’s team for major savings and substantial improvement in customer satisfaction.

mce’s In-store and on-device trade-in modules created a unique user experience that increased trade-in conversions and improved profit by using automated grading process.


mce developed drivers and PC support tools for a US based OEM.

mce strengthened its cooperation with all major OEMs globally with enhanced diagnostics and flashing capabilities, supported by the OEMs and integrated with their internal systems.


mce integrated and successfully launched solutions with its technology partners including Ozmo, PrologMobile, Cellbie and GSMA.

mce developed a new channel partner program, to be launched in Q1 2019.

All this and many other ‘little’ success stories and other major ones (that we just can’t talk about yet).

We’ve had a fun and exciting year, thank you all for supporting us!

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About MCE Systems:

MCE Systems is the pioneer in mobile device lifecycle management, having created more than $2.5B of shareholder value for operators and their partners since 2005. MCE’s industry-leading solutions simplify operations, increase revenues, and decrease inefficiencies. Specific solutions range from device diagnostics and care to trade-in management with a price guarantee to handling device returns. All are omnichannel-ready with world-class virtualization and provide fully integrated data management to anticipate customer needs around device-related customers issues (e.g., device health, upgrade timing). Over its more than 15 years of experience, MCE Systems has become the trusted solution to Tier-1 operators and their partners. For more information, please

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