12/4/2023 • Products • News

MCE fuels AI chatbot performance with real-time device data and intelligence

MCE unveiled a transformative enhancement to AI-powered chatbot technology used for telco customer service. This new integration to the MCE platform adds a second dimension of search that boosts the performance of AI-powered chatbots.
13/9/2022 • Products • Blog

Device Diagnostics allows operators to use data analytics to help them enhance service quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability

Our BI dashboards and data analytic models provide meaningful insight into customer trends and behaviors – allowing interactions to be optimized and monetization opportunities identified via using service transaction dat...
22/8/2022 • Company • News

Device-related service journeys are becoming more and more complex

The modern consumer expects prompt service and timely problem resolution on their terms. Prolonging handset lifecycles exacerbate the need for effective help to ensure a smooth experience with an older device. MCE’...
16/8/2022 • Company • News

Reduce the number of Customer mobile device returns by up to 30%

Did you know that by using MCE, you can reduce the number of mobile returns by up to 30%? Our omnichannel diagnostics solution empowers front line staff to resolve the majority of perceived hardware and software faults i...
12/7/2022 • Products • Blog Post

Device hardware condition assessments and grading no longer need to be manual processes for operators

MCE Systems empowers operators to automate these processes. Support your business program requirements through access to a comprehensive library of over 160 automated and user-assisted device diagnostic test cases. ✅ Omn...
11/7/2022 • Products • Blog Post

Bring AI-Powered Cosmetic Screen Grading to end users at home

With only the device’s camera and a mirror, users receive an AI-based assessment that is over 99 percent accurate to determine the real value of their device. The self-grading process for the customer is as follows...
14/6/2022 • Company • Blog

Content Transfer: Part of the device onboarding journeys that drive incremental margin and increase transactional NPS

MCE’s solution delivers an E2E Activation and Upgrade journey that: ✅ Deliver targeted cross and upsell teasers✅Provides “Next-best action” Process Compliance✅Enables efficient determination of BYOD eligibility For more ...
17/5/2022 • Company • News

MCE discusses American trade-in opportunities on Fox News

MCE’s Dr.Robert Hacklled a segment onFox News earlier this week about how many Americans are missing out on the opportunity to cash in their old cell phones to reduce the cost of a new device upgrade. Visithttps://...
6/4/2022 • Company • News

Wherever your consumer is, provide the hands-on device activation support they need

Our Activation journeys help improve the upgrade experience, regardless of channel – with a full start, stop, resume capability – delivered by our common data layer. For more information on our Activation sol...
3/8/2021 • Products • Blog Post

Insure that you stay in control of the customer experience

Banking, shopping, work, and communications. We’ve now condensed all of the touchpoints of our lives into our pocket-sized mobile devices, which we use every day to keep up with life’s routines. Each year, mi...
27/7/2021 • Products • Blog Post

Dramatically increase device per hour throughput with Activation Bypass from MCE Systems

JULY 27, 2021 – TEL-AVIV – mce Systems Ltd. (“mce” or the “Company”) the global leader in Mobile Device Lifecycle and automation technology has announced Activation Bypass. The core enhancement to its Mobile Device Wareh...
21/6/2021 • Products • Blog Post

MCE’s AI-based Tech Lets Users Self-grade Their Smartphone’s Value for Trade-ins

MCE’s newest feature, available for both Android and iOS and to Vodafone UK customers, aims to reduce revenue losses and boost value to the $52 billion mobile-device secondary market June 21, 2021 08:45 AM Eastern ...