JULY 27, 2021 – TEL-AVIV – mce Systems Ltd. (“mce” or the “Company”) the global leader in Mobile Device Lifecycle and automation technology has announced Activation Bypass. The core enhancement to its Mobile Device Warehousing Platform utilizes cutting edge technology to dramatically increase Units Per Hour (UPH) throughput.

Having been fully deployed commercially as part of mce’s advanced Warehousing Platform, the solution is already delivering lower operating costs and improved staffing economies to its clients globally.

Activation Bypass

With minimal effort, the tool allows warehouse line operatives to bypass activation across both IOS & Android devices, meaning they can get straight to the important activity of device triage, device grading and device data wipe – without the need to go through the laborious on-device clicks associated with device ‘unboxing’.

This jump in per-device processing efficiency allows warehouse’s to lower operating costs, achieve higher operating margins, and reduce further human-error associated with manual device assessment processes.

Almog Ben Harsh, mce’s CTO states:

“Modern warehousing operations are facing what seem to be impossible challenges. Tighter than ever margins, increasing costs, increasing device lifecycles, unpredictable markets, more demanding customers, and more complex supply chains. Activation Bypass clearly demonstrates our philosophy to push the boundaries of technology to deliver to our customers the fastest possible warehouse automation methods available today.”

To ensure activation bypass under all conditions, mce relied on its 8,000 platform-profiled devices to ensure consistent and robust profiling regardless of operating system or device model.

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The mce Warehousing Platform is cloud-based and provides to processing Warehouse’s faculty to deliver enforced device diagnostic, grading, flashing, staging and data wipe processing competence. It helps users embrace a risk-reduced, lower-cost and centrally maintained approach to device processing. The platform facilitates a more predictable process schedule, lowers the reliance on manual labor and fosters consistency through automation.

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About MCE Systems:

MCE Systems is the pioneer in mobile device lifecycle management, having created more than $2.5B of shareholder value for operators and their partners since 2005. MCE’s industry-leading solutions simplify operations, increase revenues, and decrease inefficiencies. Specific solutions range from device diagnostics and care to trade-in management with a price guarantee to handling device returns. All are omnichannel-ready with world-class virtualization and provide fully integrated data management to anticipate customer needs around device-related customers issues (e.g., device health, upgrade timing). Over its more than 15 years of experience, MCE Systems has become the trusted solution to Tier-1 operators and their partners. For more information, please visit:www.mce.systems.

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