Empowering every channel with a seamless device experience

Create rapid value from dDLM for your customers with standalone apps and connected retail & logistics solutions.

Ready-to-implement use cases

Pioneering the field, powering the future.

Because dDLM is channel agnostic, our solutions not only help mobile operators get more value out of the entire device lifecycle, they also enable virtually any partner in the telco ecosystem to digitally transform their processes and customer experiences more effectively.

On-Device App

Digital-first for Digital-natives

Whether at home, on-the-go, or in-store, our app capabilities take disruption further, putting better solutions in the hands of your consumer, and all deployed within weeks.


Retail Enablement for when a friendly face matters

We help those delivering retail experiences to build and manage a seamless device lifecycle CX, that increases loyalty and new revenue opportunities while increasing frontline consistency and productivity.

Channel Fullfilment

Logistics efficiency

Our logistics partners use our dedicated dDLM solution to increase grading accuracy and create faster, more consistent and scalable processes with lower fraud and resale risk.

The App ‘Powerplay’

A truly digital-first approach, our mobile app gives your customers a launchpad to access device related service such as device onboarding, trouble-shooting, or upgrade and trade-in. Within 4-8 weeks a white label solution can prove your business case in an IT-light way. This paves the way to incorporate more benefits and scale impact via an SDK integration into your app environment.

Making Retail a driver of digital transformation

Move beyond price competition. Don’t get stuck on one-time transactional events – transition retail to an elevated experience that gets more love and loyalty through lifecycle services that differentiate, delight, and grow relationships, as well as revenues.

Intelligent Logistics Automation

We drive volume growth and help our logistic partners to make better informed ROI-based decisions. Our intelligent automation delivers process integrity at scale and guides line operators with next-best-decision workflows that eliminate ad-hoc decision making.