Seamless CX to truly differentiate

digital Device Lifecycle Management

An emerging digital-first differentiator for telcos

The dDLM platform provides a new way for telcos to deliver a seamless customer experience by putting the power of digital-first technology into the hands of your customers and frontline.

You can start with a single journey and with our IT-light approach you get payback within six to twelve months, while impacting both NPS and margins.

Solve your device-related headaches fast & own the relationship

The customer’s journey from onboarding, through support and repair, to trade-in can be fraught with challenges due to no remote intelligence, disconnection and lack of history awareness. This leads to friction for customers and operators.

MCE’s dDLM platform solves those problems, while delighting your finance colleagues with fast paybacks and your customers with seamless journeys.

The MCE dDLM Commitment

dDLM done right makes you money, improves customer satisfaction and is good for the environment, while delighting your finance colleagues with fast paybacks.


3-5 % EBITDA increase


Higher loyalty and NPS at the same time (~20% points)

& ESG Score

Up to 48k metric tons less CO2 per 1m reused devices


Define the new benchmark standard

dDLM Deployment

Journeys that make a difference

Our device lifecycle management platform gives complete control over device-related onboarding, service, and upgrade journeys

  • Onboarding: own and delight your customers

    Set up devices and customers for success, including BYOD. We deliver frictionless onboarding because we understand retention beats churn.

    • Automated device asset capture
    • BYOD network eligibility & fraud prevention
    • Fastest cross OS content transfer
    • Zeroing of data liability with certified wipe
    • Increase insurance and VAS take rates



  • Support & care before repair

    From customer frustration to support and resolution, fast! Leverage the MCE diagnostic app to reduce frontline workload, deflect device related escalation to customer care, and streamline support CX. And turn moments of device care into moments of commerce.

    • Omnichannel self-service availability
    • >160 available diagnostics tests
    • Device history awareness to avoid rework
    • Near zeroing of no failure found (NFF)
    • Seamless routing to right repair path



  • 3-minute Trade-ins

    Effortless and transparent, omnichannel trade-ins empower your customers, grow loyalty, and decrease waste, so you stand out, and everybody wins.

    • AI-led self-served trade-in journey
    • Technology enabled guaranteed price with <5% discrepancy
    • Omnichannel – start at home, resume instore



Contextual marketing: deliver the right offer at the right time

Delight your customers by anticipating their needs while creating better margins

MCE’s contextual marketing enables operators to accelerate existing cross and upsell plans while providing new device-related opportunities. All can be configured based on marketing priorities and without IT change requests, empowering the business to move faster.

Contextual marketing: deliver the right offer at the right time

MCE's contextual marketing puts you in the driver's seat

Powered by the AI-led Next Best Action (NBA) engine, MCE’s contextual marketing enriches operator plans with device related triggers along the lifecycle. NBA builds on MCE’s cumulative knowledge of similar devices and customer-specific history of device related interactions.

This puts the operator in control to reinforce existing priorities, e.g., rate plan upsell during upgrade process, and adds MCE-specific additional opportunities, e.g., trade-in vs. repair enabling an upgrade which just feels right with lower promotions.

Contextual marketing: deliver the right offer at the right time

Marketing impact opportunity for every journey of the lifecycle

Examples of heavy hitting marketing campaigns that increase revenue, improve churn, while still delighting customers.

Key technology differentiators of
the MCE dDLM platform

When comparing today’s dDLM with standard DLM there are three key differentiators

Sophisticated Remote Intelligence

Engaging Omnichannel Connectivity

Empowered Device History Tracking

dDLM Key Differentiator 1

Delivering Sophisticated Remote Intelligence

The microservices behind MCE’s platform allows the user to solve requests on their own. For example, the MCE diagnostic solution helps customers solve a device related issue on their own immediately rather than waiting on the callcenteror in the store. If the customer would like to trade in their phone, the remote cosmetic grading takes out the guess work on what value they will get by providing a price guarantee. The same functionality can also be used to determine insurance eligibility for a BYOD device.

dDLM Key Differentiator 2

Engaging Omnichannel Connectivity

The look and feel and the deals are the same so the customer experience is the same across digital, care and retail channels. This means customers (and the frontline) can easily navigate a journey anywhere wherever it stands and it gives the customer the flexibility to start at home, continue with care and finish in store without any rework and friction.

dDLM Key Differentiator 3

Empowering Device History Tracking

From the moment a device is onboarded, the MCE platform carefully logs all events along the customer lifecycle. This is enabled through a common data layer and business intelligence API’s providing three sources of benefits.

  • Enables start/stop/resume without waste
  • Enables to analyze device-related transactions in the context of
    CRM priorities to provide best contextual offers to the consumer and next best actions (NBA) to the frontline
  • Empowers the frontline to provide the best solution based on immediate knowledge of the device history
Episode 2

digital Device Lifecycle Management Explained

Join us for the second instalment in our two-part series on Device Lifecycle Management (DLM).

In this explainer, we explore how digital Device Lifecycle Management (dDLM) can improve the customer service experience by providing immediate and high-value value engagement.