Creating bigger and faster impact together

Everything we do to create unique dDLM solutions starts in the spirit of partnership. Our telco clients enjoy our integration capabilities with existing solutions, and our partners enjoy that we make their solutions better and faster to implement.

Partnership with proof

Strengthen your services, create more value

Wherever you are regarding device lifecycle management solutions, we are confident we can create value for you. Maybe you are in the middle of a make or buy decision, or trying to replace a fragmented solution, or a mixed situation that is even more complicated.

Our mission is to deliver software solutions and bring in our integration and implementation expertise, but we are not an insurer, logistics provider or trader, which helps align our incentives with yours to achieve better business results as a partner.

Creating value across the entire lifecycle service chain

We partner with a range of providers across the device ecosystem to
help them do more for their customers

Joint solution providers

Including POS, robotics and data providers

Telco enablers

Including 3PL, 4PL, logistics providers, traders, and insurers

Consultants and Integrators

Including management and IT consultants

MCE has been a true partner over the years! They have helped us to build unique customer solutions and are true innovators in their industry.

Working with MCE has been instrumental in our device lifecycle transformation to improve our wireless customer experience. MCE is always 10 steps ahead about thinking about future customer challenges and building industry leading solutions.

By using the MCE solution for data wipe, KOMSA was able to reduce the potential risk of old data remaining when refurbishing used smartphones and tablets to zero.

The MCE platform has helped us to embrace a lower-cost and more efficient approach to device processing. The platform has dramatically increased our DPH throughput, allowing us to achieve higher per-device margins and drive further service program monetization. Due to the benefits yielded to date, we are rolling out the service in other Ingram sites globally.

We solve tough device lifecycle challenges, so you don’t have to

We’re not traders, insurers or logistics providers – we’re device lifecycle management experts, so we don’t compete with you or any of our partners. Instead, we complement your business with our flexible software solutions, built on a broad suite of back-end microservices.

We conquer the complexity of connection

A superior DLM experience can be difficult to create due to the proliferation of device profiles, systems and data integrations and channels – but we solve thiscomplexityso you don’t have to. With our extensive experience, expert integration and front-end design, you don’t have to be an expert in device lifecycle management to put it to work for you.

Faster implementation, faster impact

You’ve got great technology, but it’s got a job to do – and device lifecycle management has its own unique challenges. Our API and SDK allow for quick and seamless integration with your systems, so development never delays the speed to impact, and device lifecycle management becomes a driver of business, not a drag on it.