MCE Systems Ltd, the digital device lifecycle management specialist, has expanded its collection of gold technology application awards with two more accolades at the prestigious UK Customer Experience Awards 2023 ceremony at Wembley Stadium.

MCE and its partner, Vodafone UK, took home winning titles in the “Best Customer Experience Innovation” and “Best Applied Technology” categories. This achievement marks another successful event for MCE, which has already won five gold awards this year , including a Merit Award, 2 x Globee Awards, a Digital Transformation Award, and a Stevie® Award.

The two new prizes recognize the success of Vodafone’s omnichannel customer trade-in program. This service, built by MCE and implemented by Vodafone into its MyVodafone app and retail operations, improves the experience for both customers and frontline staff.

Revolutionizing the Trade-In Experience

In the past, the device trade-in process was time-consuming and complicated, leading to customer dissatisfaction. To ensure fairness and accessibility for consumers, Vodafone introduced an omnichannel customer trade-in program that leverages MCE’s AI-based remote device grading technology. This innovative solution allows customers and staff to determine the price of a trade-in device in under three minutes via the MyVodafone app – a capability which, until now, was exclusively available to warehouse employees.

The program has achieved notable success, delivering a substantial increase in trade-in volumes and customer satisfaction ratings. It has also encouraged customers to adopt a ‘digital-first’ approach, with 91% opting to start the trade-in process through the app and subsequently completing it either in-store or at home.

Our CMO and President, Robert Hackl, shares a moment of celebration with Gareth Williams, Head of Logistics at Vodafone UK.

Leaders’ Insights: Transforming Device Trade-Ins with Vodafone and MCE

Max Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone UK, said: “Incorporating MCE into our mobile proposition, Vodafone EVO, has allowed us to differentiate our world-class trade-in proposition in the UK.”

Eitan Linker, Chief Commercial Officer at MCE Systems, added: “Device trade-ins can be a lucrative market for mobile operators. Vodafone’s omnichannel customer trade-in journey is a great example of this.

“It makes customers much happier and it showcases how to execute a circular economy initiative while delivering customer growth and operator profits. We are also working with Vodafone Global to further innovate and expand the solution.”

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Eitan Linker, holds one of the two gold awards won by MCE Systems in partnership with Vodafone UK at the UK Customer Experience Awards 2023. These accolades reaffirm MCE’s commitment to delivering unparalleled customer experiences through innovative technology.

Unlocking the Power of DeviceAI: MCE’s transformational keynote

In addition to receiving the award, Almog Ben-Harosh, CTO and Co-founder of MCE Systems, and Robert Hackl, Global President and CMO, delivered a keynote presentation titled “The Secret Power of DeviceAI for the Telco Industry and Beyond.”

This keynote explored the transformative potential of DeviceAI, showcasing its ability to redefine the telecommunications sector and extend its impact across various industries.

Attendees gained insight into how MCE has integrated cutting-edge AI solutions designed to enhance customer experiences into its digital-first mobile device lifecycle management (dDLM) platform. MCE’s technology leverages real-time device information, effectively turning the user’s device into a live data source to create a telco-grade AI chatbot with the ability to accurately assess repair needs, identify false repair triggers, and provide contextual solutions.

MCE’s keynote was part of the event’s ‘CX TrendTalks’ series, which focused on “the impact of AI on delivering great CX”.

To learn more about how MCE and Vodafone’s trade-in program boosts customer satisfaction, watch the video below:

For additional information, visit the UK Customer Experience Awards website.