Expanded role leverages Hackl’s extensive experience transforming businesses and driving commercial results for clients

MCE Systems Ltd., the global leader in digital-first mobile device lifecycle management (dDLM), announces today it has expanded Dr. Robert Hackl’s current role as Global President and Member of the Board of MCE, to include the responsibilities of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). This crucial position will further accelerate MCE’s growth path, building upon its technological prowess and strong customer relationships.

“Since joining MCE in 2021, Robert has helped transform MCE from a product-focused company into a platform-driven one, which elevated our revenue profile” says Yuval Blumental, MCE Co-Founder & CEO. “This transition resonates with our clients and our partners, many of whom are looking for a complete solution to their customers’ device-related journeys. MCE is adding the CMO role because not only are we growing as a company, but also because a successful platform business requires MCE to understand value-creating opportunities from an end customer view. Our clients have already appreciated our research and benchmarking work in that field. From that perspective, Robert is a natural fit.”

Hackl is a global business leader having held transformational roles at T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, and McKinsey & Company. He holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Vienna and an MBA from The Kellogg School of Management. Throughout his career, Hackl has earned a reputation as an industry thought leader and shareholder value creator.

“I am obsessed with improving customer experiences that simultaneously create value for the consumer and revenue for the company,” says Hackl. “When you examine every touchpoint with an eye on making the consumer’s life easier, you can’t help but see win-win opportunities,” he adds. “With the telco industry in the middle of a digital transformation and another wave to lower cost to serve, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be at MCE, especially with our easy-to-implement platform, which drives both NPS and margins,” concludes Hackl