January 2022 – TEL-AVIV, ISRAEL. MCE Systems Ltd., the global pioneer of omnichannel device lifecycle management for the electronics and mobile device industry, today announced the appointment of Eyal Vaknin to Chief Engineer, Tal Shofet as VP for Pre-sales and Nir Balbirer to Pre-sales Director.

Images of Tal Shofet, MCE Vice President Presales; Eyal Vaknin, MCE Chief Engineer and Co-founder; And Nir Balbirer MCE Presales Director.

The appointments allow MCE to assign the appropriate resource, to keep pace with increasing demand from Operators, for device lifecycle services that meet with digital-first device service requirements of today’s consumers.

“The Mobile device management market is expected to grow from around $5.5 billion this year to around $20.4 billion by 2026. Building a strong and effective Pre-Sales team will not only support our growth strategy but also provide us with the tools and insight to effectively capitalize on these opportunities in the years to come”,

said MCE CCO Eitan Linker.

Linker went on to say “MCE is pleased to announce the appointment of Tal Shofet as VP of Pre-Sales. In this role, Mr. Shofet will be responsible for the long-term global Pre-Sales strategy. He will be working closely with me to better understand the needs of prospective Operators”.

Eyal Vaknin has transitioned to Chief Engineer having previously served as MCE’s VP of Pre-sales. As one of the Company’s co-founders, he brings two decades of experience delivering telco-grade software and hardware solutions to Tier-1 Operators. He is now overseeing the delivery of complex Pre-sales trials, integrations, and deployment solutions to Operators.

Nir Balbirer has been promoted to Pre-sales Director. He will report directly to Shofet. His responsibilities include the optimization of MCE’s Pre-sales service delivery, facilitating synergies with R&D, and implementing the team’s strategies to best meet the need of prospective Operators.

The team will be supported by the newly appointed VP for Delivery, Shachar Reuven who moved into his new position in December 2021, following promotion from R&D Director.

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