MCE chooses Splunk ( to power its BI and data solutions. New reporting system and dashboards are now available for all MCE solutions.

mce Splunk Reporting Systemmce is happy to announce it has finished the migration of data, BI and reporting services to the new platform. The new platform provides better responsiveness, real time data view and opens a new set of possibilities for mce and mce’s customers data analysts. It allows to know more in less time and take the right action.

Easily access a wide set of ready made dashboards and reports, including:

Most and least active locations dashboard

Devices used dashboard

Corporate usage dashboard

Multisession time saving analysis

Detailed usage report

Detailed activity dashboard

Station status dashboard

many more…

Or integrate into existing systems and create custom made dashboards and report.

mce Analytics is a wide service offering from mce, which allows to collect, analyse and act upon data coming from the different omni-channel mce solutions and integrated 3rd party solutions.

Here are a few examples on dashboards and their use-cases:

Most and least active locations dashboard

Locations making the most out of mce solutions represent the potential and goal of other locations and the entire organization. These are usually the locations to focus on (brush-select them) when looking for exemplary performance of processes.

As with all reports, specific activities or time frames can be selected to focus on locations that do the most Flashing for example, or doing the least Reset activities.

The least active locations may indicate improper training, faulty equipment, or poor compliance with procedures.

mce Analytics also provides momentum information: stores that have the biggest drop in performance, and those that have shown biggest improvement.

Corporate usage dashboard

A general overview of the usage over time provides a quick glance to most popular activities, the number of unique devices processed, the number of workstations performing these activities, and the trends of usage.

Multisession time saving analysis dashboard

Analyse information the efficiency of the solutions in their multi-session abilities. How much time was saved since users did not have to wait for the system to finish one task before starting a new one. The report in this example shows the time saved in hours during the day to spot peek hours as well as average time saved and a histogram of minutes saved range.

Station status dashboard

Station status dashboard

Each machine running mce software periodically sends status log about it. The status log also includes additional information on the machine’s health, and warnings and error notifications related to the operation of mce’s software. The “Station Status” group includes a detailed report that shows, per station: the software version, when it last performed an activity, when it was activated, how many license units it still has, the free disk space, the status of the ROM cache, its internal clock drift, if the box was connected the PC, etc.

For IT and operation managers this is a crucial report. When a new version is deployed, stations with non-recent versions can be easily pinpointed and treated. Stations running out of disk space can be proactively fixed, before the problem becomes disruptive. Licensing issues can be discovered days before they become critical.

Detailed Activity Dashboard (Diagnostics)

The Diagnostics overview dashboard is designed to show detailed diagnostics activities information. For example, test statistics table that shows information about tests, how many times it was used and what is its success rate; Devices table that show what tests has been made for a specific device and more. In such a “feature specific” dashboard there are also feature specific filters. In this case you can filter for a specific test or look for specific device.

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