MCE Systems Ltd. (MCE), the global leader in mobile device lifecycle management, was recognized this week by CIO Review for its development of the digital device lifecycle management (dDLM) platform. The dDLM platform provides a new way for telcos to deliver an effective customer experience by putting the power of digital-first technology into the hands of the more than 41 million digital natives in the U.S.

“Digital natives in the U.S. and around the world operate most of their personal and professional lives through their smartphones,” says Dr. Robert Hackl, President of MCE. “Ironically, they are unable to manage their smartphone’s lifecycle through that same device, due to a lack of integrated technology. Today we are able to build a customer journey that can start on the customer’s device and be completed either there or through the avenue of their choice. The result is a seamless journey that solves the customer and operator’s needs in real-time.”

With MCE’s significant R&D investment it has developed a cloud-native platform business architecture that can be implemented quickly and with immediate impact. MCE’s lightweight full stack IT approach allows telcos to sprinkle the platform services into their existing architecture like “Lego blocks” and accelerate value creation from existing IT solutions while acting as a glue.

MCE unveiled its dDLM platform one a recent webinar, which discussed how to elevate DLM to a digital-first and integrated self-service experience. Case studies shown how the speedy introduction of remote intelligence removes friction from customer journeys to boost NPS while simultaneously delivering the operator incremental revenues and improved margins.

MCE was honored to welcome digital innovators Varun Krishnan, Vodafone’s Managing Director for FinTech, along with former Accenture CEO for Digital, Mike Sutcliff. Both explained dDLM and how it can help MNOs and MVNOs focus on customer needs while slashing costs, minimizing churn, boosting conversions, and unlocking vast trade-in revenues.

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