MCE Systems Ltd., the global pioneer of omnichannel device lifecycle management announced today its ongoing commitment to investment and innovation across the global Telecommunications space through appointment to CTIA Certification’s Reverse Logistics and Service Quality (RLSQ) Leadership Council.

CTIA Certification’s RLSQ Leadership Council was established to develop programs that address common challenges throughout the reverse supply of mobile devices. The goal of the RLSQ program is to drive the mobile ecosystem to collaborate on best practices, guidance, and certification pathways by establishing common standards.

MCE’s appointment signals its determination to shape future industry practice by driving forward the highest attainable certification standards, and see’s MCE join existing Council members, including Apple, AT&T, Comcast, Google, Samsung, and T-Mobile.

Following the events of 2020, consumers have held onto their devices for longer – widening the scope to have repair technicians qualified against the highest quality standard for device hardware diagnostics, triage, and data security. MCE’s device management infrastructure provides the requisite tools to support these standards, and for repair technicians, are of critical importance to ensure devices continue to function correctly for longer.

Liran Weiss, MCE’s Co-Founder and Chief Corporate Officer states: “CTIA is committed to advancing regulatory policies that foster greater innovation, investment, and economic growth. As the leading provider of device lifecycle management technology, MCE itself strives to implement accepted best practices and frameworks that for our customers increase innovation and revenue growth. Through our active participation, we hope that our Council appointment will provide the opportunity for us to develop industry certification and further accepted best practice”.

MCE Systems provides to Mobile Operators a device management service infrastructure that enables fully integrated, omnichannel device-related customer journeys in this “new normal” of customer needs. Whether the consumer is at home, on the move, or in-retail, MCE’s device management architecture allows mobile operators to drive integrated marketing, sales, and customer service program automation.

Full details about MCE Systems’ device service infrastructure, including its new AI-led device cosmetic condition assessment tool, is available upon request.

About MCE Systems:

MCE Systems is the pioneer in mobile device lifecycle management, having created more than $2.5B of shareholder value for operators and their partners since 2005. MCE’s industry-leading solutions simplify operations, increase revenues, and decrease inefficiencies. Specific solutions range fromdevice diagnostics and care to trade-in managementwith a price guarantee to handling device returns. All are omnichannel-ready with world-class virtualization and provide fully integrated data management to anticipate customer needs around device-related customers issues (e.g., device health, upgrade timing). Over its more than 15 years of experience, MCE Systems has become the trusted solution to Tier-1 operators and their partners. For more information, please visit:

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