MCE’s solution extends cell-phones life cycle and saves in repair costs for Pelephone IsraelIt reduces recurring repairs by over 25% via Same Unit Repair automation and increases customer satisfaction

Tel Aviv, Israel – Nov 11, 2020 – mce Systems Ltd., a global provider of mobile device lifecycle solutions announces today the successful implementation of its logistics and retail solution at Pelephone which results in a significant improvement in customer satisfaction (NPS Index) and 25% savings via reduction in recurring repairs.

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In 2019, Pelephone chose mce to provide the software automation and enforcement for the mobile repair program in all of its logistic and retail repair centers nationwide. The solution was customized specifically to Pelephone and integrated with Pelephone’s ERP.

mce’s Device Lifecycle experts analyzed the existing manual processes that were used in the retail repair centers and the repair facility, together with the data on returning (recurring) repairs. Together with Pelephone’s team mce has defined clear KPIs and targets for a successful implementation. The team then designed a custom software automation process to solve all the issues reported by Pelephone.

Recurring repairs are a major cost center and low customer satisfaction driver or carriers, retailers and anyone who deals with mobile device repairs.

It originates from non-optimized repair triage with the customer, all the way to slip-through in the QA testing before returning the device to the customer. Other than shipping and technician’s labor costs, there is a recorded high level of dissatisfaction from customers who end up sending their device for repair multiple times over the same issue.

The solution implemented by mce, includes automation and enforcement for both the repair triage at the retail locations that allows to avoid unnecessary repair submissions and better detection of the fault. In addition it includes automation of the repair center with focused tests on the issue reported before and after the repair and an added general quality assurance checkup before the device is sent back to the customer to verify the issue has been repaired and that no new issues has appeared.

In addition to reducing the recurring repairs dramatically, the solution improved the repair time by streamlining and automating the tests for the technicians so that the repair center now yields more repairs per hour with the same employee count. The customer receives its repaired device together with a printed diagnostics report, a repair proof, which increases his trust in the process done by Pelephone.

Commenting on the success, Yuval Blumental, CEO of mce systems said:

“We have proved how our technology, together with our expert’s consultation achieves real results and proves a quick ROI. We aim to improve the business of carriers while enhancing the customer’s experience and this is a straightforward example. This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the impact our solutions can have.”

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mce Systems is an omni-channel mobile device lifecycle solutions provider specializing in innovative technologies for thetelecommunication arena. mce’s solutions enable device lifecycle control, device value optimization, operational efficiency and management improvement, cost reduction and control and the generation of new business. mce offers a combination of technology, products, solutions and expert consulting services that help design and implement successful projects. Both technology and solutions cover all touchpoints including on-device app, web, call center, retail and reverse/forward logistics.

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Pelephone pioneered the cellular market in Israel. The company was founded in 1986, and since 2004, is fully owned by Bezeq, the largest and the leading communications corporation in Israel. Pelephone provides mobile communication services, as well as mobile devices and related accessories. In the past year, Pelephone has also begun to offer advanced IoT solutions to the public, business and private sectors. Pelephone has approximately 2,300 employees and serves approximately 2.2 million subscribers. In the field of services and sales, the company today operates approximately 56 points of presence nationwide. For additional information, visit the Pelephone website at

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