New research reveals the billion-dollar device lifecycle management (DLM) opportunity for mobile operators

21 February 2023 | 11:00am ET | 16:00 GMT | 17:00 CET

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For the world’s 7 billion smartphone owners, device lifecycle management (DLM) practices of M(V)NOs are a headache. The systems are mostly manual, inconsistent and nearly always disconnected. At present only around 20 – 30 percent of device-related issues are resolved digitally.

When faced with so much time-consuming friction, customers react negatively. They complain (5 to 10 percent), lower their NPS scores or – worst of all – consider a change of carrier (5 to 20 percent).

This is a major problem for M(V)NOs. Yet the remedy is so simple: make DLM systems digital-first. By embracing digital DLM (dDLM), carriers can boost customer satisfaction, reduce churn, save costs and unlock vast trade-in revenues.

And the good news is that M(V)NOs are well-placed to make this change. New research by dDLM industry leader MCE shows that consumers trust M(V)NOs more than OEMs to solve their device-related problems – and also that the digital-first options consumers really want are already available.

In this webinar MCE and expert guests will look more closely at the benefits of a digital-first approach, and explore how MNOs can lead in the space by…

  • Building self-service features such as trade-in and self-help into myOperator apps
  • Putting dDLM technology intelligence into retail stores to makes retail more productive and a driver of digital transformation
  • Using device-related insights to make consumer marketing more contextual

MCE is the industry leader in digital-first device lifecycle management (dDLM), accessible to more than 400 million customers in over 25 countries. Join MCE in this webinar to understand the billion-dollar device lifecycle management opportunity for M(V)NOs.

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