NPS surges over-improved levels of service in stores

Over 300% increase in Smart Device Care packages sales

Tel Aviv, Israel, Istanbul, Turkey – mce Systems Ltd., a global provider of mobile device lifecycle solutions announces today the successful deployment of its advanced retail solution at Vodafone stores across Turkey. The implemented solution yielded a record high NPS and increased sales of service packages by Vodafone stores.

The solution, launched In September 2019 rolled out to all of Vodafone Turkey stores and automates both the repair and unboxing (new device sales). Deployment of the solution to all stores nation-wide concluded within less than two months. Now operating in over 1,000 Vodafone retail stores, of which 100 are advanced repair locations operated by Techpo professionals.

Roll Out Illustration To allow Vodafone the highest level of control over its channels, the mce solution is integrated with Vodafone’s CRM, loaner management system and its cloud backup service. mce Retail is used in stores in the Unboxing process of new devices sold (content transfer and setup of the new device), in mitigation and processing of repairs, issuance of loaner devices and periodical health check status for mobile devices.

Vodafone created a tiered service approach that includes different levels of service and repair for the different paid tiers. The mce retail solution drove sales of such service packages higher, as it fuels the higher tiers of services, creating a big differentiation between the premium and basic (free) tiers. Vodafone offers free health check for mobile devices, to detect issues and optimizations for the device. This exposes the customers to the services Vodafone provides and encourages them to purchase the premium support service to keep their device in the best condition at all times.

Since the deployment, Vodafone kept a close watch over repair NPS, which was a major KPI along with compliance and saving. NPS of repair experience surged after the introduction of mce’s solutions to a record high and remains at a number which reflects that dramatic improvement of service in the retail stores.

Commenting on the success, Liran Weiss, Co-Founder, and CCO of mce systems said:

“A strong cooperation between the companies allowed for an unusually quick rollout of an integrated solution to stores nationwide with positive measurable results. Mce proves via its partnerships that Advance Device Care is not merely a slogan. ”

Emrah Sivrioğlu, Co-Founder and CEO of Techpo explained:

“The success came from the quick and professional deployment of the solution to all stores together with the simple to operate, yet powerful set of features in the solution. The staff never hesitated to use it as it makes their life easier and allows them to provide an even better level of service and expertise.”

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About mce

mce Systems is an omnichannel mobile device lifecycle solutions provider specializing in innovative technologies for the telecommunication arena. mce’s solutions enable device lifecycle control, device value optimization, operational efficiency, and management improvement cost reduction and control and the generation of new business. mce offers a combination of technology, products, solutions and expert consulting services that help design and implement successful projects. Both technology and solutions cover all touchpoints including on-device app, web, call center, retail and reverse/forward logistics. Read more at

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Techpoint Services is a value-added aftersales company that provides end- to- end device lifetime solutions for carriers, retailers and enterprise since 2004. The flexibility and simplifying the processes make Techpoint the trusted Turkish partner of choice among the carriers and retailers in telecommunication. Techpoint has subsidiaries and service partnerships in UK, Italy, Dubai, Romania, Albania, and Balkans. As an authorized partner of mce, Techpoint expands mce best practices with experience and confidence. Read more at

About Vodafone Turkey

Vodafone Turkey is part of the Vodafone Group. In Turkey, Vodafone has a subscriber base of 25 million customers. As one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, the Vodafone Group offers a range of services covering voice, messaging, data and fixed communications. The Group, which has mobile operations in 26 countries, cooperates with mobile networks in 48 additional countries and has 19 broadband fixed broadband operations.

As of 30 September 2019, Vodafone Group had approximately 625 million mobile customers, 27 million fixed broadband customers and 22 million TV customers, including all of the customers in Vodafone’s joint ventures and associates.

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