The Device Lifecycle Management Pioneer How are the world’s most innovative operators improving their C-Satretentionmargins?

Mobilizing Customer Experiences.

Whether you need in-store activation, a care app or a complete trade-in management solution, we’ll work with you to reshape your customer experience.

We enable better service and more affordable mobile devices. We boost margins and loyalty, and we reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

Through technology we work with operators and their partners to transform today’s disconnected and fragmented device lifecycle transactions into tomorrow’s streamlined holistic journeys.

We call this undertaking “mobilizing customer experiences” because it streamlines and speeds CX, but also because by making device lifecycles more rewarding, it brings customers, operators and their partners closer together.

Journeys that make a difference

Our device lifecycle management platform gives complete control over device-related onboarding, service, and upgrade journeys

  • Setup made easy

    Set up devices and customers for success, including BYOD. From secure content transfer faster than anyone in the industry, to targeted lifecycle promotions, to efficient diagnostic and device care – because retention beats churn.

    • Automated device asset capture
    • BYOD network eligibility & fraud prevention
    • Fastest cross OS content transfer
    • Zeroing of data liability with certified wipe
    • Increase Insurance and VAS take rates

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  • Service & care, not repair

    From frustration to resolution, fast! Build the foundation to turn moments of device care into moments of commerce. Reduce frontline workload and streamline care CX.

    • Device history awareness to avoid rework
    • >160 available diagnostics tests
    • Near zeroing of NFF
    • Omnichannel self-service availability

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  • 2-minute Trade-ins

    Effortless and transparent, omnichannel trade-ins empower your customers, grow loyalty, and decrease waste, so you stand out, and everybody wins.

    • <90 secs AI-led self-served Trade-in journey
    • Technology enabled guaranteed price with <5% discrepancy
    • Omnichannel – start at home, resume instore

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Empowering Journey CX

Our device lifecycle management platform is omnichannel, enforced & all connected

True Omnichannel Delivery

Customer journeys that allow start, pause & resume across any channel with full session history

Compliance Engine

Enforceable processes that drive next-best-action recommendation for scalable and consistent service

Common Data Layer

Predictive data models, improved decision making and less redundancy through data-led analytics

Compliance Engine

Next-best-action. Your next-best superpower.

Make every action, the next-best-action!

We help you and your customers act more effectively, by delivering compliance-enforced guided workflows, recommendations and Smart Suggestions at moments in the device lifecycle, when they’re needed most. Next best actions support every device lifecycle journey, from activation to service trade-in and upgrade, and to care-to-commerce.

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The App powerplay

Our mobile app puts customers in control, with a single, branded launchpad for all your device lifecycle services. It allows you to meet your digital-first ambitions and expedite GTM <12 weeks.

Customers get a 24/7 self-serve platform on which they can begin any lifecycle journey - from activation to care, to trade-in / upgrade, to repair or return. With true omnichannel functionality, they can start at home or on the go, pause, and resume anywhere, including in the store.

Enabling Retail of the future

Move beyond price competition: Don’t get stuck on one-time transactional events – transition retail to an elevated experience that gets more love and loyally through lifecycle services that differentiate, delight, grow relationships, as well as revenues.

Partner with us

We believe that when you mobilize device lifecycle customer experiences, everyone benefits. If you provide telco services and want to get more out of device lifecycles, whether it’s bigger margins or improved CX, check out our Partner page, or better yet, let’s talk.

mce has been a true partner over the years! They have helped us to build unique customer solutions and are true innovators in their industry.

Working with mce has been instrumental in our device lifecycle transformation to improve our wireless customer experience. mce is always 10 steps ahead about thinking about future customer challenges and building industry leading solutions.

By using the mce solution for data wipe, KOMSA was able to reduce the potential risk of old data remaining when refurbishing used smartphones and tablets to zero.

The mce platform has helped us to embrace a lower-cost and more efficient approach to device processing. The platform has dramatically increased our DPH throughput, allowing us to achieve higher per-device margins and drive further service program monetization. Due to the benefits yielded to date, we are rolling out the service in other Ingram sites globally.

No one understands the industry better

From our 16+ years of experience we recognize that the best solutions start with a superior understanding of industry technology and consumer attitudes, experiences and needs.


Over $2.5Bn of shareholder value created to date

Active in 25 countries and markets


Deployed over 18,000 individual locations


Device transactions each month

Let’s make an impact together

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