The digital Device Lifecycle Management Pioneer How are the world’s most innovative operators improving their C-Satretentionmargins?

The digital Device Lifecycle Management Pioneer


Mobilizing Customer Experiences

Since 2005, MCE has been pioneering technology solutions for the telco industry to help deliver digital-first customer journeys throughout the device lifecycle to create a competitive edge.

MCE's dDLM empowers digital transformation

There are billions of smartphones worldwide, so every telco has some sort of device lifecycle management (DLM). However, often it is highly manual, disconnected and leads to friction for both consumers and operators.

MCE’s dDLM platform onboards a device and guides the right action at the right time across channels solving customer issues while driving NPS and margins – building on three key differentiators:


Allow user to solve requests on their own. Get a guaranteed trade-in price, solve a device-related issue, determine insurance eligibility for a BYOD device and much more

Connected & Consistent CX

Customer experience is the same across digital, care and retail channels. You can start at home, continue with care and finish in store

Device History Awareness

Device history is transparent across channels helping frontline provide seamless support and better contextual solutions or offers.

We will meet you where you are…

We can design a disruptive digital transformation together, from scratch, or just use our platform capabilities to accelerate a high priority customer journey acting as a glue to your legacy systems.

Channel Applications

Empowering every channel player through dDLM

Ready to implement channel solutions

Because the MCE dDLM platform is channel agnostic, it not only helps mobile operators get more value out of the entire device lifecycle, it also enables virtually any partner in a device-related industry to transform their processes and customer experiences more effectively.

Ready to implement service solutions

Trade-in as a Service

If you are a retailer or an MVNO, adopt a CAPEX lean approach to trade-in, with an innovative full-service trade-in solution that requires no upfront investment.

Trade-in as Service (TiaaS) gives you all the benefits of trade-ins, but as a managed service – with zero risk. It’s a trade-in program where you pay a service fee just for incremental trade-ins.

June 2023 Topline Report

Telco NPS is at Risk During the Smartphone Lifecycle

A global study of 23,000 consumers reveals 10 opportunities for mobile operators to boost NPS with digital-first device lifecycle management (dDLM).

We care about your customers

We care about how our technology improves your customer and frontline’s experience. That’s why we regularly research what customer issues are and how our technology can help.

Episode 1

Device Lifecycle Management Explained

Join us for the first instalment of our two-part series on Device Lifecycle Management (DLM).

In this explainer we discuss how optimized DLM benefits operators, and how systematic product lifecycle oversight can maximize the profitability for all types of electronic device.