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Make mobile device lifecycle management more mobile

Device retailers need to be everywhere for their customers, who expect round the clock availability. At the same time, retailers need professional-grade capabilities that solve real problems. The MCE mobile app transforms the customer’s mobile device into a digital-first, 24/7 customer care and sales solution that the customer can access whenever a device lifecycle “moment of truth” arises.

Give customers a launchpad for any device lifecycle journey

Our app serves as a flexible launchpad for common device lifecycle journeys such as activation, care, trade-in, upgrade, repair, or return, all available at the customer’s convenience. True omnichannel lets customers initiate highly personal care/service journeys on the app, call customer care for help, then pause and resume them on any channel, including at the retail store.

Turn device care into a differentiator

The app extends the reach of the brand into device service and care, providing a new branded experience that the retailer has full control over – accessible to the customer wherever they are, whenever they need it. It enables the retailer to accompany customers virtually on their device lifecycle journeys, by delivering helpful smart suggestions and offers based on device history and context.

Power and functionality, in the app of your choice

Your customers want flexibility and so do you.
We give them omnichannel freedom, but let you choose the app delivery.

MCE App-Based Journeys

Give your customers a seamless customer care
experience right there, in the palm of their hand.


We make the service history available, wherever and whenever it’s needed.


This feature provides an objective evaluation of the device’s internal hardware functioning status.

Device trade-In & upgrade

Deliver best-in-class trade-ins with price guarantees and enable easier upgrades.

X/Upsell Enablement

Proactively cross & upsell with target analytics which identifies those decisive moments when lifecycle commerce opportunities arise to provide next-best-action X/Up-sell guidance.


Mobilizing the app

Asset recognition

When a customer acquires a new device from the retailer, this feature identifies the device so the system can remember and track lifecycle activity associated with it. In the case of a new trade-in customer with an unknown device, this component also determines that it works on the network.

Cosmetics grading

Our AI-powered objective cosmetic grading checks the screen and LCD for damage, with a high degree of accuracy, enabling operators to guarantee the price they offer. With a variance of less than 2% (compared to 30% for others), its precision is unmatched. And because it requires only a light assessment rather than a full test schedule, its speed is too. See how it works.

Content transfer

Customers care about privacy, security, and preserving the memories on their devices. Our solution helps them upgrade more smoothly, quickly and with greater peace of mind. It enables customers to migrate their data and content to their new devices securely, using the fastest content transfer tool in the industry (4X faster than competitors). No matter whether customers are at home or in the store, no matter which platform they’re migrating to or from, our carbon copy transfer guarantees nothing is lost, even when customers forget their passwords.

Next best actions

An enforceable set of actions along a guided flow, next best actions govern the activation process and enable upsell capabilities in two unique ways:

  • Activation cross and upsell
    This feature identifies the device and triggers cross selling of insurance and VAS.
  • Smart Suggestions over the lifecycle
    Based upon MCE’s AI-enabled analytics layer, we suggest and target relevant offers to the customer that are synced to the device’s lifecycle, history and user actions, over the lifetime of the device

Hardware diagnostic

Tests determine the device’s hardware functioning status.
The app enables a case to be escalated to the call center

Interactive guides

Aimed at new users, these guides provide interactive on-device guidance regarding device functionality, for issue-free onboarding.

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