Retail Enablement

Making Retail a driver of digital transformation

Elevate the retail experience

Impress customers with more than competitive prices

Consumers are loyal to device brands, but that affection doesn’t always extend to the retail channels who sell those devices. Instead, retail is stuck competing on price, which turns the retail experience into a transactional, one-time event. Transitioning retail to an elevated experience will not only delight your customers, but will grow relationships, loyalty and revenues.

Differentiate on experience

Strengthen loyalty through an exceptional retail experience

We help you take ownership of device lifecycle processes, so you can transform them into an extension of your brand. Using our dDLM software solutions, you can accelerate those processes beyond the capabilities of your current systems, which may rely on operator or OEM solutions.

Make every moment in the device lifecycle matter

We build AI-powered intelligence into guided workflows that support the entire device lifecycle. Your reps get contextual recommendations to ensure they’re delivering the best service regardless of their tenure. Your customers get suggestions and offers relevant to their device history and circumstances.

– from an option to upgrade rather than replace the battery, to a tip on how to conserve the charge. And all together, that makes customers feel at ease because they are treated like family with fast solutions which anticipate their needs and understands their history.

Digital First Productivity

Journeys don't have start or stop at the store

We help you stay close to your customers, whether they’re in the store, at home or on the go. Our dDLM software solutions, integrated with your systems, let you transform key device-related journeys into connected journeys. From activation and onboarding to trade-in and upgrade, care and repair, upsells, offers and value-added services, the goal is the same – to help you help your customers.And, it will also boost your retail productivity as customers will be able to self-serve both for sales and service transactions.

An app that makes everyone more productive – immediately

Our “prosumer” mobile app delivers more mobility to customers, and more productivity to retailers. Available as a branded, white label app, or as an SDK to power your existing app, it minimizes customers’ time in the store – letting them self-serve the same device lifecycle services they could get in person. And, your frontline, the “power users” of the same app as your customers, become drivers of digital transformation because they drive digital adoption.

Fast delivery and instant value creation - even beyond mobile devices

We move fast, because we’ve done it many times before. We move at the speed of your business, which enables fast impact and in period paybacks.

Our retail productivity suite has three core components. First, we deploy an autonomous retail solution and integrate them with your systems in 4-8 weeks, which cangivesyou an immediate productivity boost. Second, we complement and connect the retail solution with a digital-first app, which further accelerates your impact. Integration of care completes the omnichannel approach.

This is enabled by our low-stack technology and easy configuration capabilities. Also, our ultra-compatible mobile device lifecycle management solutions can be applied to virtually any digital device. Any product that has a CPU and memory, such as connected TVs, game consoles and wearables works with our software solutions. Want to know more?