The App 'Power Play'

The fast and easy solution to solve your customer issues, digital-first and IT-light

Zero to impact in under 12 weeks

Benefit from our app & integration experience to realize impact quickly

Whether at home, on-the-go, or in-store, our on-device app take disruption further, putting better solutions in the hands of your consumer – and all deployed within weeks.

Disrupting Trade-in

We provided a UK operator with a disruptive digital-first trade-in app, integrated via SDK integration into their MyOperator app. It was a game changer in terms of customer experience raising NPS (+10pp) and driving ARPU (up $4.5) while reducing churn (-2pp).

Increasing care efficiency

With our holistic device diagnostic app, with more than one hundred different functional diagnostic tests, we have helped a U.S. operator reduce device-related calls to care by 30%.

Setting new digital benchmarks

For a Canadian operator we enabled a device self-help app that received the highest customer rating in the app store (compared to respective apps from OEMs, operators, and third parties).

Give customers a launchpad for any device related journey...

Our app serves as a flexible launchpad for:

  • Device troubleshooting
  • Upgrade with or without a trade-in
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Contextually relevant X/Up-sell promotions
  • Transfer content to new device

...with a seamless digital-first experience across channels

Customers can start the process at home or on-the-go with a high-probability of solving the issue. In case of trouble they are able to complete it with customer care or in the store without any rework.

Putting remote intelligence via the app into consumers hands improves the productivity of your frontline:

  • Trade-in price evaluation already completed
  • Device issue solved without a call to care or retail visit
  • Repair channel to the right path of resolution
  • Content transfer on-the-go if customer keeps device after the upgrade

A risk-free implementation path

The most effective and scalable approach is to implement the app powerplay as an SDK into your MyOperator app – however, if customers require, we can even deliver a white-labelled app in 4-8 weeks as a proof-of-concept.


Our SDK gives your development teams all the framework to deliver an E2E device lifecycle management via your MyOperator App in one installable package.

White Labelled App

Brand our white label App to deliver digital E2E device lifecycle management journeys with the least possible investment in as little as 12 weeks.