Turn device service into an opportunity


Device care is customer care

Device care isn’t just about devices, it’s about customers. That’s never been truer than it is today, but with customers expecting more from service providers than ever before, meeting these demands can seem a challenge. We help by turning repair opportunities into cross and upsell opportunities, so that device care becomes a win-win for you and your customers. For instance, for a customer whose battery needs to be replaced, an agent might offer a replacement or an upgrade to a newer device. Learn more about our device care and diagnostics solution:


Because the best repair is the one that isn’t needed

If mobile device care is demanding, it’s not just because mobile customers demand a lot. It’s because mobile devices are more complex and diagnosing issues can be difficult and time-consuming. Because some devices may not require a repair but simply need a software update, a reboot, or shutting down of applications (for instance) you need a way to deflect these no trouble found (NTF) devices. Otherwise, they can clog up service workflows and waste valuable time. Learn more about our device repair avoidance solution: