New Device

Meeting device complexity & the demands of the always on consumer

Own and delight your customers during onboarding

MCE’s dDLM platform will help you execute a state-of-the-art activation process for any phone, whether brand new or brought in by a customer (BYOD).

First impressions matter

Onboarding is a key moment for you and your customers, as it’s the first step of every device lifecycle journey. At its best, onboarding is more than activation.

Onboarding has become more important over the years due to more complex devices, more data backup needs, and privacy concerns of consumers. Here are some issues that may sound familiar:

  • Mostly OEM driven vs. an engaging telco
    branded process
  • Manual process is slow and has points of failure, especially for cross-OS content transfers
  • Consumers have data backup and privacy concerns which also causes telco liability issues.
Digital-first device support

We know what good looks like…

Activation isn’t an obligation, it’s an opportunity to create more rewarding experiences for customers that generate more business value for you. We make activation faster and more secure, to drive higher satisfaction and greater loyalty.

Our approach increases upsell opportunities and attach rates, to increase average revenue per unit (ARPU). Since it’s a comprehensive solution with a guided flow, you’ll invest less valuable staff time in training and optimize your ability to upsell your own premium care and cloud packages.


Their device, your network, our powerful activation features

We make sure the device is activated on the network, is not stolen and when it is onboarded, Customers want flexibility.

Sometimes that means acquiring their mobile devices from other sources or bringing their existing device to another operator. That shouldn’t prevent you from welcoming them as a new customer or keeping them happy on your network. With the same powerful features for activating devices purchased from you, our solution streamlines activation for customers who bring their own device.

This opens up the same access to lifecycle services, so you can manage it like any other device.

For BYOD, the MCE dDLM platform provides additional capabilities to check network compatibility and eligibility for insurance. In case of a non-compatible device, we can automatically transition to an upgrade with a trade-in at which point the normal onboarding would then resume.


Insurance cross-sell at its best

Insurance creates enormous value for both consumers and operators. Insurance business owners know that the moment of truth for insurance in every channel is when you sell the device. An operator-owned onboarding process enabled by MCE helps ensure that insurance is offered every time to maximize attach rates.

Attaching insurance for a new device later or for a BYOD device can be tricky because the operator does not know the state of the device. We also have a solution for this: our technology helps evaluate both the functional and the cosmetic state of the device to make sure there is not a risk of insuring a device that has issues.

Total Onboarding Impact

Transform device activation into onboarding value creation

Our onboarding solution is live and in 15,000 stores worldwide and its use is growing rapidly. This is not a surprise because an operator-owned onboarding is better for your consumers, frontline and business bottom line.

Satisfaction starts with peace of mind: our solution keeps customers’ data safe, secure and private, with no data loss in the transfer or left on the old device, thanks to telco-grade security and enforced wiping and unlocking.

Total Onboarding Impact

Customers who finish faster keep coming back

Customers value their time, so we help make every minute count. Our solution allows activation and onboarding to be completed in just ~10 minutes, and even complete up to 4 devices in parallel. That gives time back to busy customers as well as to retail reps.

Add more value, retain more customers

Value-added services like insurance, mobile security or cloud backup let customers protect their investment and stay safe, and they help you add revenue streams. Our ready-to-use workflows ensure you get optimal results for attach, up and cross-sell of insurance and accessories.

Customer Benefit

  • 2-5x faster transfer
  • Full carbon copy
  • Certified wipe
  • Less wait time

Frontline Benefit

  • Store employee owns customer and has guided flow
  • One tool for all OEMs
  • Less friction

Business Benefits

  • Increased store productivity
  • Better cross- and up-sell
  • Lower bounce from calls
  • Fewer bricked devices
  • Lower legal exposure
  • Lower processing costs in warehouse