Give devices a second life – in record time through intelligent automation

Accelerating processing, increasing accuracy

To succeed as a logistics provider, you need to work at a tremendous scale and speed, to identify and process devices quickly and cost effectively. You need ambitious targets, but these can be difficult to reach. Manual processes and fraud checks can get in your way. Complex processes and training take time away from the processing line.

Our software solutions accelerate processes and increase accuracy dramatically, ensuring you don’t just meet your targets but exceed them. We allow you to expand your service offerings with capabilities that increase operational efficiency (more speed and less manual (re)work), and help you make ROI-based decisions on recycling vs. refurbishment, in order to increase margins. With greater capacity you can become the preferred logistics partner for even more operators, and drive volume growth across existing accounts.

Intelligent automation at work to maximize units per hour

Some solutions promise more than 30 units per hour (UPH) which can only be realized under laboratory conditions. The reality is often only 15-20 UPH. MCE’s solution and implementation experience help you optimize UPH through automation, guided flows and fast-tracking devices based on gathered insights.

We help overcome your dependence on a number of manual processes. For one thing, device information is critical, which means you need to check the device’s condition and status again, and perform certain tasks by hand. Every device model is different, which complicates training on your systems. Fraud detection requires a great deal of manual data entry and is performed in disconnected steps. Devices that need software flashing can add delays, holding up the process by 5-15 minutes.

Your line operators will thank you

Our solution addresses all of these issues. It automates processes, requires little training, and provides line operators with guided workflows that speed decision making. This lets you achieve rates of 30 UPH or more.

In addition, we can connect upstream data to downstream processes to achieve even higher rates of 35-50 UPH. With our advanced device recognition (ADR) we can determine if the device has already been processed and certified, saving you from repeating work, e.g., regrading, retriaging, rewiping, rechecking for fraud or lock status, and allowing you to fast-lane the device. In addition, our solution is not impacted by iOS updates, avoiding the typical operational stoppages associated with other solutions. MCE’s completely automated software flashing (ROM) Management and distribution enables continuous operation with no downtime.

Driving additional revenues

MCE’s 3rd gen (debugless) wipe tool allows you to obtain greater value (~30% recovery rate) from inoperable screen devices. These devices can be sold to other vendors (who do not need to be R2 certified).

Grow your offering with more oversight and intelligent automation

Our logistics solutions give you greater oversight over your device processing, allow you to work at a higher level, and expand your service offering with faster, more accurate automation.

Maximize device residual value

Modern warehousing operations are facing what seem to be impossible challenges – tighter than ever margins, increasing costs, increasing device lifecycles, unpredictable markets, more demanding customers, and more complex supply chains.

We work with the world’s leading device processing centers to implement agile software and robotic automation technologies that allow complete control and oversight of the processing-lifecycle for mobility assets. Our solutions maximize device value, deliver process integrity at scale, and inform superior decision making to enhance your service proposition.


We help you benefit from a risk-reduced, lower-cost and centrally maintained approach to device processing. Obtain a complete and detailed view of each operation, processing line and workstation, enabling you to control, manage and optimize each device journey to maximize DPH throughput.

Intelligent automation

Forge a more predictable process schedule, lower the reliance on manual labor, foster consistency through automation, and mitigate error-prone procedures. This lets you reduce liability and ensure process quality stays intact at scale.

Service Proposition

Enhance your service offering with capabilities that achieve higher profit margins, support new customer acquisition and drive volume-growth across existing accounts.

The MCE Logistics Platform

  • 1


    • Receive device
    • Record device to inventory
    • Upload assets to device
    • Lock test, wipe and secure device
  • 2

    Grading and triage

    • Identify hardware issues using diagnostics
    • Grade device based upon hardware functional status
    • Flash to most recent operating system software
    • Perform cosmetic assessment
    • Route it to different channels
  • 3

    Quality Control

    • Test device before leaving facility to ensure zero data recurrence, print and attach label
  • 4

    Forward logistics


Mobilizing multisession logistics

Asset recognition

We increase receiving efficiency, improve inventory accuracy and reduce incidence of human error through automated device identification. This allows you to capture up to 50 individual device attributes and systematically automate each asset to inventory as part of device receiving.

Multi-session hardware diagnostics

Automate the process of device hardware condition assessment and grading using our device diagnostics. We support your business program requirements through access to a comprehensive library of over 200+ fully automated and user-assisted device diagnostic tests.

Multi-session cosmetic assessment

We support your business program requirements with an objective, neural network-led cosmetic assessment of mobile and electronic devices. The only GDPR-compliant cosmetic assessment method available in the market, it integrates external device cosmetic damage assessment across all grading lines.

Multi-session data wipe

This feature allows technicians with minimal device knowledge to successfully remove 100% of user-generated content from devices, irrespective of OS, model or firmware release, to forensically accredited, international data disposal standards. We ensure you meet your compliance and reporting obligations with the fastest and most secure wipe solution available in the market today.

Multi-session ROM flashing

We enable you to push updated OEM firmware files to multiple devices simultaneously, across the entire range of makes, models and carriers, from a central provisioned flash library.

Multi-session device staging

As part of forward logistics device provisioning, this feature lets you stage pre-configured device profiles (apps, accounts, profiles, configurations, media, contacts & wallpapers) in parallel across mixed device consignments.

Refurbishment engine

This component automatically decides whether a device should go for refurbishment or to recycling, based on the grade of the device and the cost of refurbishment, improving Units Per Hour (UPH) and margins.

Forward logistics and device staging

For devices re-entering distribution networks, we streamline device staging – enabling the preloading of device profiles (including app bundles, settings, media) at scale, according to your requirements.

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